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    Pneumonia & Other Chronic Diseases

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    Living with chronic diseases is not easy. Chronic disease is one of the risk factors that can increase the chance of getting other health problems.

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    One of these health problems is pneumonia, a serious lung condition.

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    Speak to your doctor about getting vaccinated. It is one of the options to help in preventing pneumonia.

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    Based on a study conducted in United States, people aged 50-64 years with chronic heart disease are around 4 times more likely to get pneumonia.

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    The same study in US found that the risk of people aged 50-64 getting pneumonia is around 6 times higher if they have chronic liver disease.

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    Furthermore, the US study found that if people aged 50-64 have chronic lung disease, they are around 9 times more susceptible to pneumonia.

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    According to the same US study, chronic renal failure patients aged 50-64 years are around 10 times more likely to get pneumonia.

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    Speak to your doctor about pneumococcal vaccination and how else to reduce your risk of getting pneumonia.


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Would you consider pneumococcal vaccination as one of the preventive measures of pneumonia for yourself or a loved one?

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